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What Color Should I Paint My Garage Door: A Complete Guide

It is possible to spend around $1-4 per square feet for a painting job on your garage door. Hiring professionals has the advantage that painting will be accomplished more quickly and at a superior standard. The most popular garage Door Colors: White is a timeless classic that complements a wide range of colours and designs for exteriors. Black - A modern traditional with a strong, mysterious presence. The light gray can be the same as white but it's more relaxed and subtle. Darker shades of gray/black can be a great selection for homes with a variety of styles. Beige/taupe - This is a relaxed color that blends into the environment. The color is great for stone and brick exteriors. The warm, rich brown of walnut is neutral. It's warm cozy, warm, and costly. What you should do and should you avoid doing: An excellent place to begin would be Pinterest, Etsy and Google Images. Don't: After you are done, make sure to dispose off any paint within a secure and legal way. It's not a good choice to paint garage doors with different colours as this could make it look unprofessional. Make sure you choose a strong hue. The bold hue of pink, or even a vibrant blue can be a major difference. But it could dramatically reduce the curb appeal of your home.

It's a matter of opinion to pick the appropriate color. Many experts might suggest that your front door differ from your garage door. But, this principle does not have to be a rigid one. However, if you are stuck pondering what color should be painted on the garage door do not hesitate to reach for us right now.