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What Are the Requirements to Be a Lawyer?

Make it mandatory that lawyers continue their studies by attending classes to keep up-to-date and maintain their license to practice law. The trends in job growth and salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual income for lawyers was 119,250 dollars in mid 2017. This number falls somewhere in the middle of the expected salary range for attorneys. In 2016, over 1.3million attorneys worked in the I.S. The growth in employment between 2016 and 2026 was about eight percent. About 65,000 jobs will be open by 2036. Each year, graduates of law schools are increasing in number. That means that passing bar exams and LSAT scores is crucial to make sure you stand out against the crowd.

Other Alternatives

The Juris Doctorate has become the more well-known law degree. However, you can also pursue either a Doctor of Judicial Science or the Master of Law degree depending on your career goals.

The most prestigious law degree that is offered in America includes the Doctorate of Judicial Science. It is the second level that you earn upon obtaining your Juris Doctorate degree or Master of Law. The Doctorate of Judicial Science takes 3 years to finish. For an Master of Law, you must first earn a Juris Doctor degree. This takes one year and permits you to focus your studies on your chosen field.

Character and Fitness Review

Since practicing law is a job with high stakes and involves financial responsibility as well as the freedom of their clients, each state's bar requires that applicants pass a fitness test and moral character review. This review typically includes the disciplinary action you've faced in your law school or at college, your conduct in general and your criminal history, as well in general questions to determine your ethics. This is a mandatory exam.